Black Disabled Leaders Series

Hello Beauties!

Black History Month is here! It's a very important month to highlight and celebrate the achievements by Black people especially important Black Leaders.

In order to make sure every black life is appreciated and supported, it's important to include the leaders who are/were disabled. Black Disabled Leaders tend to be overlooked or their disability is ignored due to the stereotype that disability is bad which is false. Disability is a part of life that needs to recognize. It's important to highlight Black Leaders' disabilities to give more representation for black disabled people.

I will be starting a series that focuses on the Black Leaders who are/were disabled and made a huge impact in the black community.

I will start off with Harriet Tubman:

(Harriet Tubman posing beside a chair where she places her hand.)

Known as "Mose of her people", Harriet Tubman was an abolitionist and political activist that will forever be known for her work on the Underground Railroad, her efforts in helping to free slaves.

Tubman is rarely known for having a disability. She had narcolepsy due to a head injury that was caused by her master at the age of 12. She would often have serve headaches, "sleep attacks" or an overwhelming sense of sleepiness that comes quickly, and having vivid dreams. Tubman believed her dreams or "visions" were signs from God. (I also believe that too!)

(Harriet Tubman looking in the camera. Her hands are together. Wearing a scarf on her head and a pullover)

With the many risks she took and the challenges that came due to her disability, Tubman was able to free over 300 slaves. Never got caught and never left a slave behind. She will be forever known for her work, her bravery, and her dream. She will forever be an inspiration to the black community, especially to black disabled people.

(Young Harriet Tubman sitting in a chair)

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