Life is a Gift

Hello Beauties!

I wanted to let you all know that life is a gift. Not a promise.

We tend to get used to life. We go to sleep believing that the next day will be a promise. We believe will wake up, eat, go out to run errands, see our families, talk to friends, and of course, do the "I will do it later" to whatever it is that we been saying we going to do for the past month.

The truth is, we need to live life and enjoy it as the gift it is. Gifts bring joy to people at times but even gifts are temporary. At the moment, you don't think about how the gift is temporary, you enjoy it while it lasts. You give it all your love and joy and peace. That's life.

Don't continue to live your life in a cycle or put yourself on hold because of the feeling that forever will be here. Enjoy your gift. Enjoy your life. You only live once and be thankful each day.

I will be honest, it's not easy to see life as a gift when life throws many curveballs all the time and it seems as if you can't catch a break. Don't allow those obstacles take away from the beauty of life especially your life.

Always wake up smiling and thankful. Try new things. Eat your favorite foods! Watch movies that give you joy. Be around people who make you feel good and help you blossom. Enjoy the gift of life!

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