Speak Life, Not Death

My mom always told me, “life and death is in the power of the tongue.” She would always tell me this to teach me the meaning of choosing your words wisely because some things you say may have an affect on you or other people.

A lot of people never got that lesson because the people that I have came across have said to me, “I rather be dead than in a wheelchair!”

Most people would defend the person and say it’s a compliment about how strong I am to handle my situation. Maybe I am strong or maybe that God knew who would be able to handle my situation and who wasn’t. So he picked me.

When God picked me:

Saying you rather die than be in a person situation because they have a disability is hurtful. You never know what person may be going through. Having a disability is challenging enough but it’s not the worse thing that could happen. Saying a statement like that can affect how a person may see their disability and they don’t deserve to feel bad about something they can’t control.

You can’t just go by people with disabilities living their lives. Their situation is their norm. Of course they can handle it better than anyone else. They know how to manage and not allow their disability to control their life but just be apart of it because it’s apart of them.

Yes, we are strong because we face many challenges that come with our disabilities. Understand that we are humans and we are living life just like you. We just have something to add a little spice to our lives.

Instead of seeing their situation as death because it isn’t, SPEAK LIFE! If you want to compliment a person with a disability, do it respectfully. I had a person tell me I’m in a wheelchair because I’m too beautiful too walk (he is right) and it may be corny but it was cute. He acknowledged my disability but he still saw ME!

Be careful what you say when you talk to people with disabilities. Stop looking at the disability and look at US because it will help you CHOOSE YOUR WORD WISELY! You will then see why we can handle our situation and make being disabled look flawless!

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