The "S" Word

People with disabilities get asked about their sex life when talking to people. The questions can be very...weird I must say.

"Can you have sex?" "Can down there?" "What positions can you do?" "Does 'it' work?"

There are so many other wild questions that people love to ask us people with disabilities. I am here to answer them for you because I know you are very curious. Just scroll down

Almost there!!!


We are human which means if we want to have sex with you, we will communicate everything you need to know so we both can be comfortable. Asking us these questions without knowing what our intentions are, makes you look like a creep. Not a person who is "trying to learn". To be honest, 9 times out of 10 we don't want to have sex with you, especially when you ask these questions out of nowhere.

Our body parts shouldn't be a topic of a conversation. You wouldn't ask an abled bodied person any of these questions so why ask us?

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