Welcome to Disabled Beauty!

Hello Beauties,

Welcome to my blog, Disabled Beauty! My mom and I wanted to start this blog to talk about my journey with my disability which is Ullrich Muscular Dystrophy. I'm the only one in the state of South Carolina with my disease and at the time of my diagnosis, I was #96 in the whole world to have it. You can say I'm one in the million!

Having a disability does come with many challenges and barriers that sometimes I can't even explain in words. I also do know that having a disability isn't the worse thing in the world. There are pros too! My mom and I came up with the idea to show the realness of having a disability but making sure to show that life can still happen when you have one. You can still be beautiful, still, have fun, and most importantly, you can still live your best life. You can do anything you set your mind to do regardless of having a disability. I always say, "I may have a disability, but it doesn't have me."

Even though this blog does focus on disabilities, this blog can be for anyone who may face or deal with the struggles of self-confidence and trying to love themselves. I want to be able to use Disabled Beauty to help anyone especially my Black Queens out there! Please enjoy! There's going to be so much to come so stay tuned!

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