Your Rainbow Is Coming

Hey Beauties!

In life, especially in 2020, it may feel as if everything is coming at you all at once. You may feel you deal with many disappointments, heartache, headache, and feeling alone in situations.

I know those feelings because as confident as I am, I still have my moments. Especially when dealing with rude people and bullies.

I just want to say it's okay to be sad when life brings you down at times. It doesn't mean you are less confident, weak, or burden. Life isn't something that supposes to be a straight line or something you figure out quickly. To be honest, no one knows how life works because it's different for everyone but I can tell you that your emotions and feelings about it are valid.

I always tell my family and friends, you have to get through the rain to see the rainbow. I'm here to say regardless of how you are feeling right now, your rainbow is coming.

If you are having your moment, it's okay. Have it, process your emotions, and give yourself time to heal. When you are ready, fix your crown and show the world that you are here to SLAY!

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